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Women Cyclists say turtle signs take priority over cyclists

Posted by velochick on March 5, 2009

A letter from women cyclists in Canada (www.womenscycling.ca)

Dear XXX

I’m writing in support of Bill 118 and Bill 126 on behalf of Women’s Cycling.ca. I live just outside the beautiful town of Perth. When I cycle I ride through rolling country hills on divided highways. These highways aren’t busy like the streets of Toronto, but motorists still whiz by too fast and too close, putting cyclists at risk.

In the spring turtles lay their eggs in the soft gravel shoulders of our roads. Because of this there are many signs along the highways warning drivers of the impending danger of squashing a turtle as it lumbers across the road.

While I applaud our government for protecting turtles, I can’t help but wonder why it doesn’t have the same concern for cyclists. If we can afford signs to protect wildlife, why can’t we have signs to warn motorists to reduce their speed and give a wide berth to cyclists? Are cyclists a lower priority than turtles?

I support this bill to counter distracted driving, and any other bills that will make our roads safer for cyclists, runners and pedestrians.

We have the same here, lots of signs for ‘wild animals’ but few signs for warning of cyclists”.


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