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BBC Woman’s Hour

Posted by velochick on March 10, 2009

Though this isn’t a cycling blog as such I thought I would included it as the website is good and I like the information on women’s history. Sometimes there are some good writers that have written books about cycling or travel so it is worth having a look there from time to time. Also there is some stuff on women and sport too. It’s quite an inspiring programme nothing like those Trashy Mags that you see the newsagents.

I have added a link to it.


The programme is on Radio 4 weekdays 10-11am and Saturdays 4-5 pm

Here are some previous stories on Women’s Hour:

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03 Mar 2009: Government roundtable and Fawcett Society report on women in the recession

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22 Dec 2008: David Cameron on violence against women

18 Dec 2008: Opening up the family courts

10 Dec 2008: Sharia Law in the UK

4 December 2008: The Queen’s Speech 2008

03 Dec 2008: Sally Murrer

27th November 2008: Implementing the Corston Report

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25 November 2008: Pre-Budget Report 2008

19 November 2008: Jacqui Smith

6 Nov 2008: The Gender Politics of Political Blogs

03 Nov 2008: US elections and the women’s vote

23 Oct 08: Family Courts

22 Oct 2008: HFEA Bill

22 Oct 2008: The Government Reconsiders Flexible Working

21 Oct 2008: Female Prisoners in Foreign Jails

15 Oct 2008: Women’s political engagement

16 Oct 2008: Abortion and the US election


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